Talking Architecture & Design Podcast (Episode 103) - Troy Creighton from Stormtech explains what commercial design can teach residential builds? Listen Now
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    Stormtech is an Australian owned company that provides Architectural Grates and Drains for bathrooms, thresholds, paved concrete areas, balconies, and pools. Stormtech was a Winner of DesignMark 2004 Australian Design Awards.



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    The Talking Architecture and Design podcast showcases the innovative and amazing from all corners of the Australian ...
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    Stormtech: Sustainability eBook 2021
    For the past 15 years, Architecture & Design magazine has run the Sustainability Awards – Australia’s oldest national ...
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    Designing for ageing in place: Drainage solutions for accessibility, independence and safety
    New homes that are being built now by first or second time homeowners are likely to be the homes they live in into old age. ...
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    For the past 14 years, Architecture & Design magazine has run the Sustainability Awards – Australia’s oldest national ...
    In the public interest: Solutions to maximise safety and visual appeal in public and urban spaces
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    Style and function: Specifying linear drainage systems for the hospitality industry
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    Sustainability Awards 2018 Sponsor Stormtech leads by example when it comes to sustainability
    For nearly 30 years, Stormtech has led the Australian market in innovative, compliant drainage solutions. Over the ...
    The complete specifier's guide to linear drainage - eBook
    As the industry is obsessing over minimal and sleek design of everything in a commercial and residential environment, ...


    Please contact us and we will assist you in this.

    No. It does however tea stain. Tea staining is a biological contamination that superficially looks like rust (brown colour patina in spots or overall). This is easily remedied by the application of a mild acid. Generally domestic stainless steel cleaner is sufficient, (even lemon juice diluted in warm water should do). If stainless steel was stain-proof it would be called Stain proof steel. Stainless steel is as its’ name suggests - stains less. What does all this mean? If you want it shiny & new, give it a clean.

    No. The majority of our products are 316 stainless steel, so if they are regularly cleaned (i.e. when the look dirty or off-colour) they will last.

    Typically for a bathroom application, it is best on the wall opposite the door so there is no ‘cross fall’ at the entrance to the bathroom. Please contact Stormtech for further advice.

    Not only is it made in Australia, but it is an Australian invention, owned by Australians, and exported! How good is that!

    Very simply, as long as you need, no joke.

    22.5mm is the absolute shallowest in standard products.

    Stormtech – see patent 733361 and 626564

    Yes, please contact Stormtech for your specific requirements as local and state requirements vary.

    Yes, please contact Stormtech for your specific requirements as local and state requirements vary.

    Yes, WaterMark number 21249

    You can purchase all Stormtech products from one of our many trusted Distributors and Stockists. Search for your nearest distributor using our Distributors + Enquiries page to contact or request an estimate. When viewing drainage products, you can enquire directly from the product page - look for 'Enquire About This Product.'


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