Studco Building Systems presents the EzyJamb Inswing Door Frame (ISD) designed for flush doors that need to open inwardly, including in hallways and corridors.

Unlike traditional door jambs, the patented EzyJamb ISD allows the door to swing open into the corresponding room and be installed flush in line with the wall face, hiding the appearance of doors along the wall.

The EzyJamb Inswing Door Frame (ISD):

  • Is a premium flush finish door jamb system
  • Is custom made to perfectly fit your wall thickness
  • Is available with RocYork Concealed or Mortice Butt Hinges
  • Wraps the plasterboard during framing to incorporate the door into the wall
  • Is manufactured in Australia by Studco Building Systems, using BlueScope steel
  • Is available in custom heights and widths to suit your door requirements
  • Is prepped and ready to be painted immediately
  • Is designed and tested to withstand heavy traffic flow

EzyJamb range of flush finish door jambs

The EzyJamb range of flush finish door jambs