Stormtech has always had a strong focus on excellence – both in terms of its products and processes – and this has become an increasingly centralised company value over the lifespan of the business. They are passionate advocates for the fact that sustainability not only makes environmental sense, but business sense as well. “Businesses will often take whichever option has the lowest-cost barrier to entry – but, while the set-up costs may be higher, sustainable is almost always cheaper overall. Renewable energy is the only sustainable option that costs us more than the alternative – but that’s a price we’re more than happy to pay,” says Stormtech CEO, Troy Creighton. 

Sustainable on paper

Stormtech have always viewed sustainability standards as the bare minimum that should be achieved in order to have a true impact. And to that end, they’ve dedicated significant time and resource to having their products recognised and certified under the various sustainability frameworks to ensure builders and specifiers have full peace of mind when specifying Stormtech.

The most recent development on that front is the achievement of GreenTag HealthRATE™ Platinum certification for three of their most popular products. This certification for the Slimline Composite uPVC Channel and Stainless Grate, Slimline Stainless Steel Drainage System Series and Slot Drain, uPVC products, puts each in the ‘world-leading’ category. It provides designers and specifiers with a strong attestation as to the material toxicity of these products, allowing them to make the most informed choices - and reliably consider how Stormtech drains will contribute to the overall sustainability profile of a project.

Material consideration

The use of sustainable materials is key for Stormtech, and they commit to detailed research and development processes to ensure they’re achieving well above industry benchmarks. One of the predominant materials used in Stormtech’s award-winning drains is marine-grade stainless steel. Not only are Stormtech’s steel grates and channels 100% recyclable, but they do not decay and are serviceable and reusable for thousands of years, with the company recycling and reusing all its off-cuts to achieve zero-waste.

The other common material in Stormtech drains - PVC - is a plastic, and therefore raises questions around the sustainability of its manufacture. But PVC is an incredibly longlasting and durable material, which makes it ideal for drains and elevates its sustainability profile from a whole-of-lifecycle perspective. Stormtech is a signatory to the Australian PVC industry’s voluntary Product Stewardship Program, and by embracing the voluntary commitments made under Product Stewardship Program, Stormtech commits to addressing the environmental issues associated with the manufacture, use and disposal of PVC products in Australia.

Towards a Greener Future

While not all businesses are as environmentally minded as Stormtech, their CEO makes it clear that there is always a very human concern at the heart of sustainability. “I, as well as many of my team, have young children and it’s hard to ignore the importance of legacy,” says Creighton. “By making these choices, we’re building a business that’s simultaneously successful and makes us proud. We’re not paying lip-service; we’re showing that profit and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive… and our journey is just getting better and better”.

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