Circleslide architectural curved automatic sliding doors from Boon Edam were recently installed for Mark Moran Group at their new eldercare facility in Pacific Highway Warrawee on Sydney’s North Shore.

Circleslide curved sliding doors elegantly cater to the accessibility needs of people living with disability in modern as well as traditional buildings.

The Circleslide installation – the first in Australasia – provides a prestigious, weather-protected entrance to Mark Moran Warrawee, an upmarket aged care facility built by Next Group for Benson McCormack Architecture.

Designed to deliver multiple advantages, Circleslide automatic sliding doors are recommended for a wide range of buildings across commercial, public and private sectors in Australia and New Zealand, including offices, aged care, healthcare, hospitality, restaurant, retail, tourist and transport facilities, says Boon Edam Australia managing director, Michael Fisher.

Boon Edam Circleslide doors

Applications for Circleslide include retail, tourist, transport and hospitality hotspots, as well as health and educational facilities with a duty of care to provide proper access to facilities.

Circleslide installations consist of two sets of curved sliding doors – one on each of the entrance and exit sides – to provide a larger opening than traditional sliding doors while retaining the elegant shape of revolving doors. This extra space is a major advantage for people with a disability, or those that require mobility aids.

Enhanced accessibility

Circleslide curved automatic sliding doors provide spacious and comfortable access for everyone using them, especially people with disability and their carers, and particularly people with mobility issues who rely on wheelchairs, mobility scooters, wheeled walkers and other mobility devices commonly used in workplaces and public facilities.

“Access to public and private facilities is an important and increasing issue for more than five million Australians and New Zealanders living with disabilities. This growing sector of the population includes the higher proportion of older people with limited mobility, including more than 750,000 Australasians who use mobility aids,” says Fisher.

“Where building professionals seek to provide for such people but want to retain the prestigious shape and functionality of revolving doors, Circleslide doors are an ideal solution that provides the additional capacity required,” he says. Circleslide doors complement Boon Edam’s comprehensive global ranges of revolving doors. Their elegant design and access control functionality are preferred by architects, builders and designers for Fortune 500 companies in 27 countries.

Customisable features

The Circleslide door has an optional ‘winter mode’ whereby only one sliding door opens at a time, which can reduce HVAC losses and contribute to the overall sustainability of the building.

Like all Boon Edam revolving doors, Circleslide is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, so it can be customised to the look and feel of contemporary and period buildings.

The self-learning technology incorporated in the curved sliding door mechanism ensures extremely quiet and smooth movement of the doors. Options include:

  • Interlocking mode
  • Connection to external alarm system (e.g., fire alarm, smoke detector)
  • Push-button free out
  • Key impulse switch
  • Direction sensitive motion detectors
  • Glass protection sheets
  • Floor mats
  • Authorised night entry
  • Air curtain technology to create a barrier of air flowing from the revolving door’s canopy or sides to further extend revolving doors’ built-in advantage of excluding heat or cold to save HVAC costs through their unique always-open, always-closed configuration.

Night locking options include an electromechanical lock that can be unlocked with a key or by means of an optional key impulse switch.